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The Parish of Drumlish lies in the Northern end of County Longford and is part of the Diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnois. The Churches of the parish are located in the town of Drumlish and in the neighbouring village of Ballinamuck.

Drumlish Parish extends from the eastern side of the parish of Clonguish to a short distance beyond the village of Ballinamuck.

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Concern raised at denial of 50:50 air time balance for referendum

Date Published: 17/Mar/2018

By Ann Marie Foley - When you take the emphasis off  'balance', the idea of fairness becomes almost an optional extra, because balance is a way of measuring fairness - Family and Media Association The Family and Media Association has expressed deep concern that the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) and its Chief Executive have stat...Read On

Taking away right to life from the unborn is a “shocking” step – bishops

Date Published: 09/Mar/2018

By Sarah Mac Donald - Repealing Article 40.3.3 will leave unborn children “at the mercy of whatever permissive abortion laws might be introduced in Ireland in the future”. Bishops leaving the Columba Centre in Maynooth The bishops have expressed their concern over the prospect of the right to life being removed from the unborn, warning that ...Read On

Church must consider deferring Confirmation

Date Published: 24/Feb/2018

By Susan Gately - 23 February, 2018 Confirmation isn't something that we should just "slide into" says Bishop of Limerick. Bishop Brendan Leahy at launch of Grow in Love programme for Catholic schools 2015. (pic by John McElroy) In the wake of a lively debate in a Wexford parish over whether children should be confirmed when their parents n...Read On

Iona launches billboard campaign

Date Published: 16/Feb/2018

By Ann Marie Foley  With the slogan ‘one of us’, the posters are aimed at showing how human the unborn child is at 11 weeks, and how the baby in the womb is a fellow human being. An image of the unborn baby at 11 weeks is at the centre of the Iona Institute’s new national billboard campaign to promote the right to life ...Read On