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The Parish of Drumlish lies in the Northern end of County Longford and is part of the Diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnois. The Churches of the parish are located in the town of Drumlish and in the neighbouring village of Ballinamuck.

Drumlish Parish extends from the eastern side of the parish of Clonguish to a short distance beyond the village of Ballinamuck.

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~~ Latest News ~~

Pope orders Belgian hospitals not to deliberately kill patients

Date Published: 21/Aug/2017

By Cian Molloy - One of the major problems with euthanasia legislation remains the arbitrary nature of the criteria used. The Pope has ordered the Brothers of Charity Order in Belgium to ensure that euthanasia is not practised in hospitals and care institutions owned by the order and run by the Brothers of Charity Group. Euthanasia, the del...Read On

Redemptorist decries “unkempt” TDs in the Dáil

Date Published: 11/Aug/2017

By Sarah Mac Donald - Public discourse and the media in Ireland have become “coarse” in recent years warns Fr Tony Flannery. Censured Redemptorist priest, Fr Tony Flannery, has lamented the decline in standards of behaviour and codes of decency in the Dáil and public discourse. Read  on...Read On

Roll up, roll up and put the boot into old, Catholic Ireland

Date Published: 29/Jul/2017

  by David Quinn July 27, 2017 Plans for pubs to open on Good Friday show politicians’ desperation to flaunt ‘progressive’ credentials, writes David Quinn Read on...Read On

Bishop’s concern as curbs on alcohol promotion are watered down

Date Published: 21/Jul/2017

By Cian Molloy - “The removal of a ban on sports sponsorship, limits on advertising, point-of-sales display controls and minimum pricing is of deep concern” – Bishop Eamonn Walsh. Bishop Eamonn Walsh Irish society needs a public debate on how and why alcohol has maintained such an influence on our culture, plus an objective analysis of alcoh...Read On